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CH Fleur de Lis' Sweet Design TKN CHIC
RBIS GCHG Lokavi's Battle Flag Of The South, AOM, AOE, RN, BN, CAA, RATN, TT, BCAT, TKI, CGC
x GCH Pun Kotzky Heaven Help Us All At Fleur de Lis, AOM, RATI
Butters Pedigree.jpg
Bred & Loved by Jennifer Bell & Jennifer Bewley Robbins
Owned & Loved by Kelly Fails, Jennifer Bell & Shawn Fails

Breeder Owner Handled to her championship by Jennifer Bell, Owner Handled by Shawn Fails

This girl is our first Beagle and we could not be happier with the decision to add Beagles as our second breed.  We've enjoyed living with and loving her since July 2019.  She fits in perfectly with the Danes.  Watch for her in performance events as she continues to mature.

Eyes - Normal
Advanced Cardiac Echo - Normal
Thyroid - Normal (new results pending OFA update)
Elbows - Normal
Hips - Good
Factor VII - Carrier
Musladin-Lueke Syndrome - Clear
CHIC #155433

Carries Red
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