CH Ink Spot's Burning Ember @ KindleFire

CH DeYoung's Siegfried V Bubba Rondo x MBISS GCHS Ink Spot's From Sea To Shining Sea AOM

Owned by Kelly Fails, Shawn Fails & Lisa Garrison

Bred by Lisa Garrison - Ink Spot's Great Danes

Expertly Handled by Jennifer Bell

Winners Bitch - Texarkana Kennel Club - Judge Houston Clark (3pt Major to FINISH!)

Winners Bitch - Conroe Texas - Judge Nancy Simmons (2pts)
Winners Bitch/Best of Winners - Conroe Texas - Judge Charles Olvis (2pts)
Winners Bitch/Best of Breed - Benton Arkansas - Judge Elizabeth Muthard (1pt)
Winners Bitch/Best of Opposite - Hot Springs National Park KC - Judge Gloria Kerr (1pt)

Winners Bitch/Best of Winners/ Best of Opposite - Hot Springs National Park KC - Judge Sharon Ann Redmer (1pt)

Winners Bitch - Houston, TX - Judge Alisa Brotherhood (1pt)

Winners Bitch/Best of Winners - Houston Kennel Club - Judge Jon R. Cole (3pt Major)

Winners Bitch - Lake Charles, LA - Judge Robert Shreve (1pt) 

2nd Place 6-9 Mo Mantle Puppy Bitches - 2018 GDCA National - Judge Nancy Simmons

Health Testing to be completed in August 2020

Color Testing - D/d (carries 1 copy of dilution gene), K/N (carries Fawn),

N/N for Piebald (does not carry), N/H for Harl (Carries 1 copy)

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