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WildSide's Shez A Bad Mama Jama @ KindleFire
CH WildSide's Destined To Be Great @ KindleFire CHIC x CH Syvile N Cahoot's I'd Wanna Be Me Too @ WildSide CHIC
Jama Picture Pedigree Web.jpg
Bred, Loved & Co-owned by Vicki & Jeff Tidball
Owned & Loved by Kelly Fails & Shawn Fails

Handled by Jennifer Bell & Kelly Fails
Jama is our first conformation show hopeful to keep uncropped.  Her natural ear set is beautiful and correct.  She is a nice balanced combination of her sire/dam.  She's also super smart and fun to train.  We have high hopes for her in performance events and look forward to having lots of fun with her.  She has started training for Dock Diving, Rally, Trick Dog with more to come. 
Watch for Jama with Shawn & Kelly in performance events when she is ready!

Eyes - Entropion, Iris Mass (left eye) - Benign Melanocytoma and incipient cataracts in both eyes. The entropion was surgically corrected & the iris mass was removed in March 2021. Due to her cataracts being incipient and also diagnosed as inherited (believed to be from recessive genes), we have chosen to concentrate on showing her in performance.  

Masking Gene - Carries 2 copies - Double Masked
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